RIGHT(some-text, how-many)


  • some-text (any textual)
  • how-many (Number) : The number of characters from some-text to return. Non-Number values may be accepted but may produce unexpected results.

Return Value

Text: The last how-many characters from some-text. If how-many is greater than the length of some-text or less than 0, some-text is returned in its entirety.


RIGHT("123 Maple Dr", 5) : le Dr

RIGHT("123 Maple Dr", 0) returns blank.

Fractional Component of Decimal Value

NUMBER(RIGHT(TEXT([Result]), LEN(TEXT([Result])) - FIND(".", TEXT([Result])))) : Extracts the fractional component of the Decimal-type value in the Result column:

  • TEXT([Result]) converts the Decimal value to a Text value. The textual functions used in this example interpret non-textual values differently. Using TEXT() ensures the Result column value is interpreted the same by each function.
  • FIND(".", ...) locates the decimal point in the value.
  • LEN(...) - FIND(...) calculates the length of the fractional component by subtracting the length of the non-fraction part from the entire length.
  • RIGHT(..., LEN(...)) extracts the fractional part.
  • NUMBER(...) converts the extracted text to a Number.

See also: FIND(), LEN(), NUMBER(), TEXT()

Street Name from Street Address

RIGHT([Address], (LEN([Address]) - FIND(" ", [Address]))), assuming [Address] evaluates to 123 Maple Dr: Maple Dr

  • FIND(" ", [Address]) locates the first/leftmost space in the Address column value: 4
  • LEN([Address]) - FIND(...) calculates the length of the Address column value beyond the first space by subtracting the length of the text preceding the first space from the total length: 8
  • RIGHT([Address], ...) returns the rightmost text following the first space: Maple Dr

See also: FIND(), LEN()

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