MOD(m, n)


  • m (Number)
  • n (Number)

An m or n of a non-Number numeric type may be accepted but may produce unexpected results.

Return Value

Number: the remainder of m divided by n. The result will have the same sign as m.


MOD([Minutes], 60) : the number of minutes in excess of the whole hours represented by the Minutes column. Whole hours may be computed with [Minutes] / 60.

MOD([Hours], 24) : the number of hours in excess of the whole days represented by the Hours column. Whole days may be computed with [Hours] / 24.

MOD([Days], 7) : the number of days in excess of the whole weeks represented by the Days column. Whole weeks may be computed with [Days] / 7.

MOD(9, 7) : 2

MOD(-9, 7) : -2

MOD(9, -7) : 2

MOD(-9, -7) : -2

MOD(9, 0) : 0

MOD(9, 9) : 0

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