AppSheet tracks the usage of deployed apps. The Manage > Monitor tab of the app editor has a section for Usage Statistics. It shows commonly used charts of usage and activity. This information is usually updated every day and is useful to gather summary statistics for app usage.

Sometimes, it's useful to have deeper analytics about the users and the specifics of their usage of your app. Who are the users, how much time do they spend in the app, what actions do they take when using the app, etc. If you want such deeper analytics and in real-time, use the Real-Time Analytics section to set up a connection with a MixPanel project.

MixPanel is a web-based analytics service. Follow these steps to connect your AppSheet app to MixPanel:

  1. Create a free MixPanel account
  2. Get the account token (available from the MixPanel Settings page) 
  3. In the AppSheet editor, go to Manage > Monitor > Real-Time Analytics
  4. Toggle "Enable MixPanel analytics" to on
  5. Enter the MixPanel account token 
  6. Click "Change Settings" to save. App Events will automatically be recorded in your MixPanel account.

Please note:

  • Apps that run in the editor emulator do not record events (this is considered development activity). Apps that run in full-screen browser mode and on mobile devices will record events to your MixPanel account.
  • Depending on your AppSheet subscription plan, there are different events recorded providing greater levels of insight and analytics. The full spectrum of events are recorded with the Corporate plans.
  • MixPanel itself has some functionality and history restrictions on its free accounts.
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