What can I do for free?

You can use all data sources and all platform features while the app is in testing mode. When your app prototype is ready for deployment; mark your app as ready for deployment and go to Account > Billing to purchase the right subscription plan.

When should I switch to a paid subscription plan?

When your app leaves the prototype/testing phase and is being put to use in a real environment, you should subscribe to a plan.

How can I set up my subscription plan?

Go to the Account > Billing pane, and first provide a credit card. Then choose the appropriate the specific plan, and the number of licenses for your apps.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes, you can change your plan or number of licenses at any time, even switch back to a free account if your app is not going to be in use for a certain period of time. Your charges are pro-rated. If a plan change lowers your charge, you will have a credit applied to your next monthly bill.

Can I have some secure apps and some apps on a Public plan?

Your entire account runs under one plan that covers all the apps in it. Most customers are either focused on business internal apps (Secure plans work well) or on customer-facing apps (Public plans work well). If you need both, create two separate AppSheet accounts.

Where can I see and understand my app usage?

The Manage > Monitor pane in the app editor shows the usage statistics for one specific app. In your Account > App Info pane, you can also see a summary of app usage across all of your apps.

I work for a non-profit. Is there a discount?

Yes, we offer a discount for educational and non-profit organizations.

Why was my credit card payment declined?

If you reside outside the United States, your payment may have been declined because your bank blocks foreign charges. Please check with the bank that issued the card.

Can I pay by bank draft?

We encourage you to pay via credit card. However, if need to pay by bank draft, please contact sales@appsheet.com and we can send you the details.

Where can I see my invoices?

You will be automatically emailed an invoice every time your credit card is charged. Additionally, all prior invoices can be accessed on your Account > Billing page. Open an invoice and use the browser print function to get a printed invoice. If you want the invoice to include more details about your organization, please send us the relevant information and we can include it.

How does AppSheet distinguish between prototypes and deployable apps?

The Manage section of the app editor lets you run a deployment check which will highlight any issues with the app. In that pane, you can move an app between Deployed and Prototype states.

Does AppSheet "shut off" features unless I am on a paid plan?

No. We encourage you to try out all the features of the platform in the prototype phase, and build the ideal app for your needs.

How often does AppSheet bill?

Either monthly or annually based on the plan you choose.

How does AppSheet count app users?

If your app requires users to sign-in and a user allow list is provided, each email in the list is counted as an app user. If the app doesn't require sign-in, we count every device that launches the app as a separate user. Each signed-in user can use the app on as many as five devices. For example, a user with the email jane@example.com uses an AppSheet app that requires sign-in. When Jane uses the app on her smartphone, desktop, and tablet, it still counts as one user. If the app didn't require sign-in, then it would count as three distinct 'guest' users.

This means that, even if you're the app creator, if you're also an app user of the app that you made, you count as one user. For example, if you have yourself and five other users of your app, you would need to count it as six separate users.

When does AppSheet count app users?

We record the number of app users continuously, and apply the counts over a trailing 30-day period for the purposes of licensing.

Does AppSheet automatically charge based on usage?

No, we only charge exactly what you ask us to charge via the Account > Billing page. We do not automatically add charges based on usage. Our usage reporting and account alerting is information that helps you move to the appropriate plan.

What happens if my app usage temporarily exceeds the plan limits or I am temporarily on the wrong plan?

You will see an account alert and may receive email reminders to update your subscription. However, your apps will continue to run without interruption. We only block functionality in very rare cases (eg: continued payment failures, egregious violation of license counts, etc).

Does AppSheet pro-rate charges when changes are made midway through a billing cycle?

Yes, changes to your plan or license count take effect immediately. The value of the prior plan for the remainder of the month is applied as "Unused time" credit to the next invoice, and a new pro-rated charge for the new plan is added for the remainder of the month. As a result, the next invoice will contain two line-items for each change made during the prior billing period.

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