We encourage you to install your apps' icons to your home screen when you're ready to deploy them. However, there are a handful of reasons you may want to use apps without having to first install them to your phone. 

All of the apps you create with AppSheet are available via AppSheet's mobile app that you downloaded from the app store. AppSheet's app also features a gallery of public sample apps and apps that others have shared with you. You may want to use these apps without having to install them. Here's how to do it:

  1. Launch the AppSheet mobile app on your mobile device. It will ask you to log in. Do so with the same account you used for app creation.
  2. You can choose to view "My Apps", "Public", and "Shared". Choose a view, then click 'Sync' to download the most updated version of each app.                               
  3. This deployment approach is best suited for development and testing, especially if you build many apps.

Note: once you are using the app you have launched from the app gallery, and if you are using an Android device, you have the option to add that app's icon to your home screen for future ease of use. To do so, please refer to this article on distributing your app.


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