On mobile devices, AppSheet apps are best accessed using the centralized App Gallery that includes the apps shared with the user. From this App Gallery, mobile shortcuts can be created to add each app to the user's home screen.

Accessing the App Gallery

The App Gallery is best accessed using the native AppSheet iOS or Android application, but can also be accessed by desktop users using a browser.

Three app views are available in the App Gallery:


Displays apps most recently accessed by the user sorted into categories, such as Today and This week.

Shared with me

Displays apps that the user has been invited to use, either by direct email invitation or domain permission. See also Share: The Essentials.

Created by me

Displays apps that the user created. (This view is only visible if the user has created an application; it will not display to app users who have not created an application.)

Adding a home screen shortcut on Android mobile devices

On Android devices, users can install app shortcuts from the app without using the installation link. Open the app menu in the top left, click Add Shortcut, and follow the instructions to add the app icon to your home screen.


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