For some apps, it's important to know who made each update. A prerequisite for this is that users must be required to sign in to use the app.

The simplest mechanism is for the app to maintain an extra column of type Email to hold the user's email. If you provide USEREMAIL() as the Default value of this column, then every new row entered will automatically populate with the email address of the currently logged-in user.

Some apps require a richer audit-trail to maintain the history of changes made by different users. Typically, the backend cloud storage provider has an auditing mechanism. For example, Google Sheets provides a Change History that shows a detailed list of changes made, when they were made, who made them, etc. In order to use this backend audit history, it's important that the AppSheet app run with the security setting "As App User". Each potential user should also be given permissions to access the backend spreadsheet.

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