Pushpad is a service that allows you to send push notifications to your website or web app.

You can create a workflow rule in your AppSheet app that will send a Pushpad notification.

If instead you'd like to send push notifications to your users on mobile devices, read this article.

To try this integration:

  1. Create a Pushpad account.You will receive a Pushpad auth_token and project_id.

  2. Now create a workflow rule in your AppSheet app and select a WebHook action. Configure the WebHook action as follows:In the URL field enter: https://pushpad.xyz/projects/project_id/notificationsWhere "project_id" is your Pushpad issued project_id.In the Body field, enter:{ "notification": { "body": "Hello World", "title": "My Title" } } Of course, you will want to customize the body to include your own text. You can include variables and expressions that use data from the updated record.In the Headers field, enter:Authorization: "Token token=""7354d7dfefca4eb49965624ba7596c08"""Where the token value is the one you obtained from Pushpad.

  3. Remember to run the app deployment check and mark the app as Deployable, otherwise the workflow rules won't actually execute their actions.

  4. Now make an update to the app so that the rule fires.Verify from the Audit History that the workflow rule succeeded.A short while later, Pushpad will send a notification.

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