IFTTT (www.ifttt.com) is a service that lets you connect events with actions via simple If-Then rules. Each such rule is called a "recipe".

You can create a workflow rule in your AppSheet app that will trigger the If event of an IFTTT recipe. The event can also carry some data from your app that can be passed along to some other service via the IFTTT recipe.

Here is a simple IFTTT recipe to show this integration. The recipe receives a message from an AppSheet workflow rule, and then sends it by email to the owner of the IFTTT account. 

To try this integration:

  1. Create and sign into your IFTTT account. Then open this URL: 'https://ifttt.com/recipes/426317-integrate-your-appsheet-app' to copy this recipe into your account. Add the Maker source to your account. Provide an event name (eg: MyTrialEvent). Click on Add to add the recipe to your account. Go to https://ifttt.com/maker and find your key. It will be something like this: 'dMJSI4dCVowUxpVFrqjG8d'.

  2. Now create a workflow rule in your AppSheet app and select a webhook action. Configure the webhook action as follows. Set the URL to be: 'https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{eventName}/with/key/{IFTTTkey}'. For example, 'https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/MyTrialEvent/with/key/dMJSI4dCVowUxpVFrqjG8d'.Leave the Headers blank. In the Body field, enter {"value1":"hello", "value2":"there", "value3":"<_APPNAME>"}. You can use any data from the updated record and the rest of the app data using AppSheet expressions.

  3. Remember to run the app deployment check and mark the app as Deployable, otherwise the workflow rules won't actually execute their actions.

  4. Now make an update to the app so that the rule fires. Verify from the Audit History that the workflow rule succeeded. Go to your IFTTT recipe page and verify from the recipe log that the recipe was triggered. A short while later, your IFTTT recipe will send an email to your account.

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