AppSheet can use the camera on your phone or tablet, or an external barcode reader to read data from a barcode or QR code.

To use the camera on your mobile device

Enable the SCAN setting for the desired column from the column list in the Data >> Columns tab of the app editor:

Or enable the equivalent Scannable setting from withing the column's own configuration screen:

Within the app, the column will include an icon to indicate its input may be scanned:

When the icon is tapped, the device's camera will be activated to read the barcode or QR code. The scanned data will be entered as the column value.

If any column that is scannable is also searchable, the app's built-in search box at he top of the app screen will also allow scanned input, as indicated by the scan icon:

To use an external barcode scanner

Set the type of the column to "Text". Any supported external barcode scanner that interacts with your mobile device as a keyboard when a barcode is scanned will type the barcode into the text field on the input form.

Testing the Barcode Scanner

To test barcode and QR code scanning, you must run the AppSheet application on a mobile device. Scanning is not available from the app editor's emulator window, or from within the browser-based app.

In the app editor's emulator window, the scan button is shown for scannable columns, but nothing will be scanned and the same value will always result: 111122333.

Barcode Scanner limitations

  1. Scanning is only supported when running the app on mobile devices.

  2. Scanning is not supported when running an app in a web browser. The scan button is not shown at all.

  3. Scanning is not supported in the app editor's emulator window. The scan button is displayed, but will not scan anything and will always produce the same value: 111122333.

  4. Scanning only supports single-line QR codes. Multi-line QR codes are not currently supported.

Supported Barcode Formats/Symbologies

  • EAN-8 and EAN-13

  • Code 39

  • Code 93

  • Code 128

  • Codabar

  • Data Matrix

  • Interleaved-Two-of-Five (ITF)

  • PDF 417

  • QR Code

  • UPC-A and UPC-E

If your app requires a barcode format that isn't listed, please contact

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