New to expressions and formulas? Try Expressions: The Essentials.

You can also learn more about other types of expressions.

Expressions may be used in various AppSheet features--app formulas, column constraints (Valid_If, Show_If, Required_If). initial values, and virtual columns--to customize app behavior and provide advanced functionality.

The expressions described here cover a range of needs and don't fit into any of the other expression categories: Conditional Expressions, Date and Time Expressions, List Expressions and Aggregates, Math expressions, Text Expressions, and Yes/No Expressions.



  • IF() - Either/or conditional evaluation

  • IFS() - First-match conditional evaluation

  • SWITCH() - Choose-one conditional evaluation


LatLong & XY

  • DISTANCE() - Distance between two locations

  • GETX() - X component of XY value

  • GETY()- Y component of XY value

  • HERE() - Current location

  • LAT() - Latitude component of LatLong value

  • LATLONG() - LatLong from components

  • LONG() - Longitude component of LatLong value


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