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The Editable_If column constraint may be used to limit the user's ability to edit a column value for a row.

Editable_If is commonly used to only allow column value changes:

  • By administrators or specific users, but not others.

  • When another column has a specific value.

  • When adding a new row, but not when editing an existing one.

  • When no value has yet been provided.

The Editable_If Expression

The Editable_If column constraint is a Yes/No expression: if the expression evaluates as TRUE, the user is allowed to edit the column value; if FALSE, the user is not allowed.

As in all column constraint expressions, the Editable_If expression may refer to the current column value using the column value expression, [_THIS]. For instance, if the current column is Employee Name, [Employee Name] and [_THIS] both refer to the same value.


("Admin" = USERROLE()) : Allow only designated app admins. See also USERROLE().

IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST("", "")) : Allow only specific users. See also: LIST(), USEREMAIL().

(USEREMAIL() = [Email]) : Allow only if the Email column value matches the current user. See also USEREMAIL().

NOT(IN([Employee ID], Employees[Employee ID])) : Allow only for a new row, but not an existing row. See also: IN(), NOT().

ISBLANK(LOOKUP([_THISROW].[Employee ID], "Employees", "Employee ID", "Name")) : Allow only if the Name has not been previously set for this Employee ID. See also: ISBLANK(), LOOKUP().

(NOW() < ([Timestamp] + "024:00:00")) : Allow only if the row is less than a day old. See also NOW().

AND((TIMENOW() >= "08:00:00"), (TIMENOW() < "18:00:00")) : Allow only during business hours. See also: AND(), TIMENOW().

(WEEKDAY(TODAY()) = 2) : Allow only on Mondays. See also: TODAY(), WEEKDAY().

FALSE : Prohibit all user changes while allowing changes by app formulas, initial values, and actions.

Setting Editable_If

To set a column's Editable_If column constraint, go to the Data >> Columns tab in the app editor and click on the edit icon next to the desired column:

Scroll down to locate (and, if necessary, expand) the Update Behavior section, which contains the Editable? setting.

Clicking the flask icon to the right will replace the ON/OFF switch with an expression box.

Click in the expression box to enter your Editable_If expression. To remove the Editable_If column constraint, click the X to the right of the expression box.

Scope of Editable_If

The Editable_If column constraint only affects the user's access to the column value, such as when the user interacts with a form view containing the column. The constraint is also checked before allowing access to Quick Edit columns, such as in detail and table views.

Editable_If does not affect the application of app formulas and initial values, the performance of actions, or any other app behaviors.

Editable_If is consulted only if all of the following are true:

Editable_If can only be used to reduce access; it cannot be used to expand access beyond that allowed by the underlying slice or table.

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