You can share the definition of an application with others by adding it to your Portfolio. Your Portfolio applications are publicly visible samples. Other users can view or copy your Portfolio applications and data, but they cannot modify them. 

The data in your Portfolio applications is visible to the public. Never include confidential data in a Portfolio application.

To add an application to your Portfolio:

  1. Make sure your application has been marked as Deployed.

  2. Open your application in the Editor.

  3. Select the Manage > Author tab.

  4. Click "Team Work".

  5. Set "Make this a public sample?" to checked.

  6. Click "Change Visibility" to add the app to your Portfolio.

You need to also enter a description into your "My Account >> Settings >> Collab >> Portfolio Description", or else the public page will not work:

Once you have done the above, you can send other users to<your account ID> where they can see your portfolio applications.

They can click on the down arrow next to "Edit" and select "Copy" to make their own copy of your application and data. They can change the copied application and data as they wish.

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