In the Manage tab of the editor, there's a lot you can do to customize your editing process, who can contribute to your app, and your app's deployment. When managing your app, it can also be useful to learn information for IT departments so you can communicate with other people in your company about your app.

In Manage > Author, you can add co-authors to your app so other people can work on it with you. You can also transfer the app to another user, giving them ownership. You can also make a copy of the app (or delete it altogether).

In the Deploy tab, you can run a deployment check to see if your app is ready to deploy, and if not, what needs to happen before it is ready. You also have the option to white-label your app for either Android or IOS.

In the Monitor tab, you can go over your app's usage statistics, audit history, and performance profile to get a better idea of your app's performance and usage.

Finally, in the App Versions tab, you can go over your app's past versions and update it to a new version. You can also control app updates and upgrades in this section.

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