There are a few ways to distribute apps.

You can distribute apps by sharing an installation link. Users who have not yet downloaded AppSheet's mobile app from the app store will be prompted to do so before they can install apps created with AppSheet onto their devices.

Sharing Apps via the Editor

When you're ready to launch your app, click the Share button at the left of the app editor.:

You'll be taken to a page where you can add email addresses with whom you would like to share your app. An email with the install link will then be sent to those email addresses. 

Other Ways to Distribute Apps

Upon creation of an app, you (the app creator) immediately receive an email with the installation link. You can also distribute your apps with this email in a variety of ways:

  • You could forward that email to other users.

  • You could copy the link onto a website to share.

  • You could post it to Twitter and ask your followers to install the app.

  • You could send the link via an SMS message.

You get the idea!

At any time, you can always go back to the app editor and click Share.

In-app share button

All AppSheet apps have a share button. The button changes functionality based on the current view visible in the app. If the current view is a detail view, the share button will share the details shown. Otherwise, the button will share details on how to install the app.

The share button can be disabled with the Disable app sharing by users option in the UX >> Options tab of the app editor.

Home screen shortcut installation on Android

On Android devices, you or your users can install app shortcuts from AppSheet's app gallery without needing to use the installation link. If you have downloaded the AppSheet app from the app store and open the app gallery, click into the app you want on your home screen. You will be able to install apps from there to your home screen in just one step. Simply click the hamburger menu at the top left and then click Add Shortcut. The current app's icon should then appear on the home screen.

If you'd like your users to use this method, just make sure you've shared the app with them. They will see your app in the Shared tab and can follow the above instructions.


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