Workflows and Reports allow you to define automated behaviors that are performed on the AppSheet cloud backend. An app may have many Workflows and Reports.

Each Workflow or Report has three components:

  1. When it should run (the triggering Event)

  2. Whether it should be performed (the Condition)

  3.  What it should do (the Action)


A Workflow and a Report differ in how they are triggered.

A Workflow is triggered when data is changed. For example, you can create a Workflow to trigger a workflow rule when one of the following data changes occurs:

  • A new row is added to a table

  • The value in a specific field of a row is updated to a particular value

  • A existing row is deleted from a table.

A Report is triggered on a recurring schedule that you specify. For example, you can trigger a Report on one of the following schedules:

  • Everyday at 8:00 AM 

  • On Monday of each week.

  • On the last day of every month. 


You can specify a Condition to control whether the Action is performed when the Workflow or Report is triggered. The Condition is an expression that evaluates to true or false. If the Condition is "true", the Action is performed; otherwise, the Action is not performed.

For example, you could create a daily Report that lists high priority tasks. The Condition expression could count the number of high priority tasks that are present. If any high priority tasks are present, the Report would be performed; otherwise, the Report would not be performed.


The Action specifies what the Workflow or Report does. The Action be be either a Data Change action or an External Communication action. Learn more about action categories

Data Change actions include:

  • Updating the value of a field in a record. 

  • Deleting a record. 

External Communication actions include:

  • Customizing and sending email. 

  • Customizing and sending SMS messages. 

  • Customizing and sending Notification messages to Android and Apple phones.

  • Invoking external web services via webhooks.


You can define Workflows in the Behavior>Workflow pane of the Editor.

You can define Reports in the Behavior>Reports pane of the Editor.

Individual workflow rules and reports can be disabled. If so, they remain in the app definition but they do not run. This is useful if you want to define and test a rule or report, but do not yet want to enable it for live use.

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