This action downloads the rows in the specified view to a CSV file.

Invoking an "Export a CSV File for This View" Action

Once you have created an Export action as described in the sections below, you can invoke it as follows:

  1. Open the application in a desktop browser. Export only works when the app is running on a desktop browser, not when it is running on a iOS or Android device.

  2. Navigate to the table view having the Export action.

  3. Click the Export button. (If you do not see the Export button, you may need to edit the Export action and choose a different Prominence on the Appearance tab.)

  4. The Exported CSV file should appear at the bottom of the browser screen.

Creating the "Export This View to a CSV File" Action

Do the following to create a "Export This View to a CSV File" action:

  1. In the Editor, go to the Behavior > Actions tab.

  2. Click New Action.

  3. Give the action a meaningful name by setting the Action name property.

  4. Use the For a record of this table dropdown to select the table from which the records should be downloaded.

  5. In the Do this dropdown select "App: export this view to a a CSV file (not a row-level action)"

  6. Set the CSV file locale property as described in configure the CSV locale.

  7. Expand the Appearance tab.

  8. Give the Export button a meaningful name by setting the Display name property.

  9. Select an Action icon for the Import button. You can enter "export" in the search window and hit Enter to narrow down the list of icons. One of the icons showing an arrow leaving a document is often a good choice.

  10. Select a Prominence to control how prominently the Export button is displayed.

  11. Click Save.

Filtering Rows

You can control which rows are exported by basing the View on a Slice and specifying a Row filter condition for the Slice. Only rows that match the Row filter condition are exported.

Filtering and Ordering Columns

You can control which columns are exported and the order of those columns by basing the View on a Slice and specifying Slice Columns for the Slice.

Specifying Column Order for a Table View currently has no effect on which columns are exported or the order of those columns.

Sorting Rows

You can control row order by specifying Sort by for the View.

Sample Applications Having an Export Action


If CSV export fails see Troubleshooting CSV Export.

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