Resolve the most common bot notification problems using the guidance provided in the following sections:

Why isn't my bot working?

If you are having a problem with the execution of your bot, always start by checking the audit history log.

Customize the dashboard settings and look for the audit record that is relevant to the bot. Click the Details icon for more information. If there was an issue with the bot execution, the reason will be provided. If you see "Result": "Success", then the bot execution was successful.

Note: You may need to wait for up to five minutes for the audit record to appear. AppSheet groups audit records before writing them to the audit history log to reduce overhead. This can result in a delay before an audit record appears in the audit history. If you don't see an audit record, click Search periodically to refresh the audit history log.

Can AppSheet alert me automatically if a bot fails?

You can subscribe to automatically receive an email alert each time an error is recorded in Audit History, and alert you when a bot fails to execute. To enable automatic alerts, see Automatic Alert on Audit History Errors.

Why are notifications only sent to the app creator?

While the app is in test mode (that is, it has not passed a Deployment Check), any notifications sent from a bot are delivered to the app creator only. This ensures that you do not inadvertently send email messages, SMS messages, or notifications, or post HTTP messages while debugging your bot.

Why is there no Notification Device Token present for a user?

If a notification recipient does not have a Notification Device Token, the following error is returned in the audit history log:

"Warning: No notification sent to '' because no Notification Device Token is present for this user."

For more information about this error, see How AppSheet processes notifications.

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