What's changed?

AppSheet Automation promotes reusability, enabling you to build a set of workflow automation components, called bots, and reuse them to save time in your application development process. Bot events and processes are replacing the Behavior workflow rules and reports.

Learn more about these concepts in AppSheet Automation: The Essentials.

Can I create new workflow rules and reports?

You can no longer create new workflow rules and reports after May 10th, 2021. Though, you will be able to modify existing workflow rules and reports until the migration is complete. Going forward, use bots for creating new workflow automation. See Creating a bot.

How do I migrate to use AppSheet Automation?

We will migrate all of your existing workflow and reports to bots in phases. No action is needed from you.

Starting in June 2021, you will receive notifications about your migrated workflow rules and reports. After the migration is complete, you will use AppSheet Automation to manage your workflows.

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