To setup a Bot that triggers a process when a data change happens in Google Sheets, you'll need to setup two parts: one within Google Sheets and one within your AppSheet app.

Google Sheets

To allow an data change event to be sent to your app from Google Sheets:

  1. First install the AppSheet Events Add-On from the Add-On marketplace

  2. Open a spreadsheet and select the sheet(s) you want to send events from:


To allow an data change event to be received from Google Sheets:

  1. Open or create an app

  2. Insert the tables that you linked from the Events Add-On from Data > Table

  3. Create an event from Automation > Events that triggers on "Data Change", you can configure it to only be on adds or deletion of new rows if you need. It should look like below for a sheet "employees":

    Screen+Shot+2021-04-12+at+5.25.15+PM.png (910×876)
  4. Create a bot that uses that event

  5. Now anytime you modify the sheet in Google Sheet, you should see the event trigger after a few seconds.

To learn more about eventing please see Key concept: events and Configuring an event.

Video Demonstration

The video below demonstrates these steps:


If the event hasn't triggered the bot after a few seconds, check that the event was received in the automation manager located in Manage > Monitor > Automation Manager for a particular app.

If the event doesn't show up, verify your table selection in Google Sheets and that you are logged into a Google account that has access to both the Google Spreadsheet and the AppSheet app (from the Users tab).

If the event did show up but did not run, check that your Table, Condition, and Data change type are all correct in the event configuration in AppSheet.

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