Note: The suggestions you see depend on your data configuration, configurations may appear different from what you see in some of the images below.

Configure the process your event should trigger:

  1. In the Run this process section of the editor, click +Add a step. Type Update contact list into the text box and hit enter to automatically create an empty step. This implicitly creates a process.

2. Click on the Update contact list step to expand its definition, as shown below:

3. In the Settings pane, configure the step as follows:

a. In the Do this section, select Run a task.

b. In the Task section, click Create new task.

c. And under Task Category, select Change data.

d. Type Update company contact as the Task name.

e. Select Contact as the Table name.

f. Select Update company contact as the Data Change Action Name.

g. Click Save to save all your changes.

4. Add another step to notify the Ops team of the new contact:

a. Click + Add a step.

b. Type Notify ops as the step name and select Create a step called Notify Ops from the suggested options.

c. In the Settings pane, under Do this select Run a task .

d. From the Task dropdown, select New Task.

e. Select Send an email as the Task category.

f. Type Send an email to ops for the Task name.

g. Select Contact as the Table name.

h. Enter <your email address> in the To field.

i. For Email Subject, type New contact notification.

j. For Email Body, type A new contact - <<Name>>, email <<Email>> just got added. Leave all the other fields at their default values.

5. Click Save and then click Done.

Your bot should now look like this:

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