Automations begin with configuring the bot. A bot binds an event (ex: a new employee record created) to a process (ex. a sequence of steps/tasks to send an email to the new employee). The intuitive AppSheet editor enables you to create all the components of the automation/bot in-situ. That is, you can configure the event and process (including steps/tasks) without needing to switch between tabs to configure individual components.

In addition, AppSheet Automation is an intent-aware platform. The platform understands user intent and recommends configuration options that align with what you are trying to achieve.

Note: The suggestions you see depend on your data configuration, existing event configurations and may appear different from what you see in some of the images below.

Follow the steps below to create a new bot:

  1. From the AppSheet UI, navigate to the Bots tab and click New Bot.

  2. Type the Bot name eg: 'Employee onboarding' into the dialog and suggested bots appear, as shown in the image below. (You can select one of the suggestions and a fully configured bot is ready) or

  3. Select Create a custom bot to create the bot with the desired name.

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