As various bots are configured, events are detected and processes start executing, it becomes important to keep a track of which executions were successful, which ones are pending and which ones encountered errors. Monitoring is delivered as an AppSheet app that can be easily accessed by clicking Monitor on your bot definition.

In the current version of the monitoring app, you have two views:

1) Metrics (High level aggregated and daily metrics for bots)

Note: Your view may look different from the screen shots presented below. (All timestamps are in UTC.)

2) Runs (Bot run details such as bot instances, events, processes and step data).

We are constantly adding new views/features to this monitoring app to make it even more useful.

Please note: Data shown in the view above is controlled by the date range that can be configured through application settings as follows:

1) Click on the menu on the top left, next to the AppSheet icon, click on settings.

2) Pick the appropriate date range and click save.

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