A Process combines tasks into composite activities. A simple process may run just a few tasks sequentially such as conditional branches, running a task (eg: send email). But a process can be a complex activity that take hours or days to complete - It can loop over many records and call a task for each of them, It can call another process, It can wait for a human being to respond to something.

A process represents a typical business process. For example, an “order approval” is a business process.

A process contains the following elements:

  • An input (a row of the table/entity this process will work on)

  • A sequence of steps

For example, in the screenshot below, you can see a sample “Handle new employees record” process. It has the following elements:

  • Input - a row of the employees table

  • Steps (This process only has one step)

    • "Send welcome letter" (This is step of type Run a Task)


Processes are reusable components, they can be used inside multiple bots. In the processes tab all the processes have a reusability indicator (number on the bottom right) that shows whether that process is reused. The number tells you how many times is being used. In the example below, the "Handle new employees record" process is a shared component that is used in one bot.

Clicking on the number will show the list of bots where this process is used:

Trying to delete a process that is used by any bot(s) will prompt a message indicating that:

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