AppSheet Automation is a robust extension of AppSheet’s no-code platform offering new, integrated workflow automation capabilities.

Appsheet Automation does the following:

  • Unifies AppSheet’s intent-aware, no code-platform with process/workflow automation as a first class feature.
  • Offers Intelligent Process Authoring & Runtime with rich connectivity, allowing users to author and execute their business processes using entities.
  • Introduces new concepts (including Bots and Process) to enrich the core AppSheet platform.
  • Addresses the long tail of human centric processes, document based workflows and application integration use cases.

Key AppSheet concepts





Run a task

Branch on a condition

Wait for a condition

Call a process

Return values



Document Type

Fixed Schema Table

Folder Data Source

Extraction Confidence

A note before you begin

Before testing the AppSheet Automation preview features, make sure you have completed the following steps:

  • Created an account on
  • Ensure that you have access to the Automation preview release (Be able to see Automation PREVIEW logo in the left nav bar).
  • Recommend that you create a new Sample Automation App that you specifically use for creating and testing your new automations.

We highly recommend posting feedback, comments, and questions on our special AppSheet Automation channel within our Creator Community. We've included a special Primer document which provides step-by-step walk through of several use cases and scenarios.

Now you are ready to explore AppSheet Automation!

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