How to configure Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as a Cloud Object Store

  1. Create an GCS bucket and give it a name --- eg: "mytestbucket":

2. For the purposes of this article, standard storage is acceptable:

We recommend "uniform" access, since your entire app will be accessing this storage bucket using the API credentials provided:

We recommend using a google-managed-key:

In Google Cloud Console

Now let's create a service account:

Give your service account a meaningful name, they are blurred out below:

Give your service account "Storage Admin" Role:

Important: Also create a key and store this safety somewhere (you will need it later):

The key should be of type JSON

Once you create the key, it will also be downloaded to your computer. Open your favorite text editor and then open this JSON file.

In the platform

Go to My Account, then Integrations, then Stores, then click Add Cloud Store:

Then choose Google Cloud Storage

On the configuration screen, you need to:

1) Provide a friendly name for this storage connection,

2) Copy the entire JSON file from above into the Private Key JSON String field, and

3) enter the exact bucket name

If the Test Connection succeeds, you save the connection and it is now available for your account:

Inside of a particular AppSheet app

For each table in the app for which you wish to use Google Cloud Storage, change the storage location to your new Google File Storage:

Now when you upload an image or a file, that file will be stored in Google Cloud Storage!

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