Bulk actions allow you to quickly highlight or execute an action on a set of rows. In the Table, Deck, and Gallery views, actions can be applied in bulk to many rows in one shot.

There are two primary ways in which this action can be performed- Bulk Select and Data: execute an action on a set of rows. For the purposes of this document, we'll be focusing on Bulk Select. 

Bulk Select

Bulk select is the ability to scroll through the view highlighting the rows where you want to apply a normal action. If you work with applications that contain to-do lists, site management, or other daily reporting functions, activating this feature will allow you to work more efficiently. 

In the images below you'll be able to observe the action being performed in an expense tracking application that contains new expenses submitted for approval.

To use bulk actions:

  1. Enter selection-mode by pressing the select button on a Table, Deck, or Gallery view that has one or more actions (Data > Actions in the app editor) or that allows users to delete records. Alternatively, you can long-press any row to activate selection-mode. 

2. Once in selection mode, tap on some rows to select them. As you select rows, actions will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Note: only actions that are valid for all selected rows will appear.

3. Finally, tap an action to update all the selected rows. If the app has delayed sync enabled, the changes will be queued, otherwise a sync will be triggered.

You can now see a list of items that were approved in bulk and have has their status changed from "review" to "approved"

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