INTERSECT(LIST("Red", "Blue", "Green"), LIST("Orange", "Blue")) returns a list with one item: Blue. See also: LIST().

INTERSECT(Employees[Name], LIST("Bob")) returns a list of one item, Bob, if that name occurs in the list of employee names. Equivalent to IFS(IN("Bob", Employees[Name], LIST("Bob")). See also: IFS(), IN()

INTERSECT(Employees[Name], Employees[Name]) returns a list of unique names in the Employees[Name] column. Equivalent to UNIQUE(Employees[Name]). See also: UNIQUE()


INTERSECT( list1 , list2 )


list1, list2 (lists of comparable types): the two lists in which to find common elements.

Return Value

List of items common to both list1 and list2.

See Also

ANY(), COUNT(), IN(), LIST(), MAX(), MIN(), SORT(), UNIQUE()

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