You can invoke the AppSheet API from a webhook. This allows you to:

  • Add one or more records to a table.

  • Delete one or more records from a table.

  • Update one or more records in a table.

  • Perform an Action on one or more records in a table.

Invoking the AppSheet API

  1. Go to the Behavior > Workflow or Behavior > Report tab.

  2. Click Add New Workflow Rule

  3. In Reaction select Webhook

  4. In Preset select one of the following AppSheet action values:
    Add Row
    Delete Row
    Edit Row

  5. In App Id select the target application name.

  6. In Table select the target table name.

  7. Click Save

  8. After the Save completes, click the Create button following Body Template.

  9. The system will create a default Body Template to invoke the AppSheet API for the table you specified.

  10. Customize the Body Template as described here

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