Including Images in Templates

Image and Thumbnail columns included in the template result in a URL to the image. For example, if your Image column is called "Photo", you could include an URL to that image as follows:

Name: <<[Name]>>
Photo: <<[Photo]>>
Address: <<[]Home Address]>>

Controlling the Image Width in the URL

By default, the image width in the URL depends on the column type:

  • Thumbnail column: 200

  • Image column: 600

You can control the image width in the URL by creating a format rule in the UX > Format Rules tab of the app editor. To create a format rule:

  1. Choose the table containing the thumbnail or image.

  2. Pick the column or columns containing your thumbnails or images.

  3. Optionally specify a condition.

  4. Choose one of the following image widths: Tiny (50), Small (200), Medium (600), or Large (1000).

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