Many AppSheet use Google Drive as their cloud file system. Google Drive has a feature called "Team Drive" that allows a team of users to share a common cloud folder hierarchy. When appropriately configured, each user sees not only "My Drive", but also one or more "Team Drives". AppSheet apps can also utilize data from a Google Team Drive.

Using a spreadsheet from a Team Drive

When choosing to add a spreadsheet as a table in your app, the Google file picker will automatically show you any available Team Drives in addition to "My Drive". Simply browse into a Team Drive and select a spreadsheet within it. AppSheet will work seamlessly with that data.

Using a Team Drive as the root folder of an account

Every AppSheet account has default root folder path, which is defined on the Account -> Settings page. The root folder path is '/appsheet/data' by default. Every application created by that account results in a sub-folder created within the root folder. For example, an application called MySales for user 123456 will result in a folder of the form '/appsheet/data/MySales-123456'.

This root folder path can be modified and in particular, it can be configured to use a Team Drive. This is really useful for managing many apps in a team. By ensuring that the application folders live in a Team Drive, the organization can ensure that apps can be easily transferred and will continue to run, even if the original app creator leaves the organization.

For example, let us assume that there is a Team Drive called 'MyTeamDrive' associated with the Google Drive of the AppSheet account. The AppSheet root folder path can be configured as '/[TeamDrive]MyTeamDrive/appsheetdata'. When a new app is created in this account, it will have a folder called '/appsheetdata/MySales-123456' created within that TeamDrive.

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