INITIALS(CONCATENATE([First Name], " ", [Last Name])) : The first and last initials of the person identified by the current row. Equivalent to CONCATENATE(LEFT([First Name], 1), LEFT([Last Name], 1)). See also CONCATENATE(), LEFT().

INITIALS("International Business Machines") : IBM

INITIALS("Martin (Marty) Sandwich") : M(S

INITIALS("What you see is what you get.") : Wysiwyg

UPPER(INITIALS("What you see is what you get.")) : WYSIWYG


INITIALS( some-text )


  • some-text (any textual type)

Return Value

Text: the first character of each word in some-text.

For the purpose of this function, a "word" is any sequence of non-spaces separated by one or more spaces. Punctuation does not separate words. Consequently, the returned "initials" may include non-letters if any "word" in the text begins with non-letters (e.g., a currency symbol, parenthesis, or quotation mark).

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