FIND("a", "abc") : 1

FIND("bc", "abc") : 2

FIND("d", "abc") : 0

FIND("Red", "I'm bored!") returns 0 because Red--with an uppercase R--doesn't occur in I'm bored!.

FIND(UPPER("Red"), UPPER("I'm bored!")) returns 7 because the all-uppercase RED occurs at that position in the all-uppercase I'M BORED!.

FIND("@", [Email]) returns the position of the first at sign (@) in Email, or 0 if not present.


FIND( needle , haystack )


needle (any) : The text fragment to find in search value (haystack).

haystack (any) : The text value in which the text fragment (needle) is to be sought.

Return Value

Number : The position in the search value (haystack) at which the fragment (needle) was found, or zero (0) if not found. Note that the search is case-sensitive: upper- and lower-case letters are different.

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