WORKDAY(TODAY(), 2) : The date two business days in the future. If today is a Wednesday, the date would be Friday; if today is Thursday, the date would be Monday; if today is Friday, the date would be Tuesday.

WORKDAY(TODAY(), 5) : Five business days (one business week) in the future.

WORKDAY(TODAY(), -5) : Five business days (one business week) in the past.

WORKDAY("12/1/2019", 25, LIST("12/24/2019", "12/25/2019", "1/1/2020")) : 1/8/2020

WORKDAY([Project Start], [Est Days], Holidays[Date]) : Computes a project's anticipated end date from its known start date and an estimated number of days of work, taking into account known holidays.


WORKDAY( when , days [ , holidays ] )


  • when (Date)
  • days (Number) : A number of workdays by which to adjust when. May be positive or negative.
  • holidays (list of Date) : An optional list of dates that are not considered workdays.

Return Value

Date: The date computed by adjusting when by days workdays. A "workday" is any Monday through Friday, excluding any dates specified by the optional holidays list.

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