HOUR("007:14:21") : 7

HOUR(TIMENOW() - "00:00:00") : Hours since midnight; the current hour of the day. See also: TIMENOW()

HOUR((TODAY() + 1) - NOW()) : Hours until midnight. See also: NOW(), TODAY()

HOUR((DATETIME(TODAY() + 1) + "009:00:00") - NOW()) : Hours until 9:00 AM tomorrow. See also: DATETIME()

HOUR([Event Time] - NOW()) : Hours until the event time.

HOUR([Event Time] - [_THISROW].[Event Time]) : Hours between two event times.

Common Problems

HOUR(NOW()) (or any DateTime or Time value in place of NOW()) causes Expression Assistant to complain, Parameter 1 of function HOUR is of the wrong type. The argument must be a Duration value, not a DateTime or Time value. To fix, convert a DateTime value to a Time value with TIME(), then subtract a zero time to convert a Time value to a Duration value: HOUR(TIME(NOW()) - "00:00:00"). See also: NOW(), TIME()


HOUR( how-long )


  • how-long (Duration)

Return Value

Number: the number of whole hours specified by how-long if identifiable, or 0 if an hour is not found.

HOUR(...) is equivalent to (NUMBER(INDEX(SPLIT(TEXT(...), ":"), 1)) + 0) when ... is a Time value. See also: INDEX(), NUMBER(), SPLIT(), TEXT()

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