Returns a list of key column values from the rows in the specified table or slice in which the specified Ref-type column refers to this row (the row from which the REF_ROWS() expression is evaluated).

This expression answers the following question: Which rows in a data set refer to this row from a particular column?

Sample Usage

REF_ROWS("Order Details", "Order ID")

Returns a list of rows from the Order Details table whose Order ID column value matches this row's key column value, where "this row" is the row from which the REF_ROWS() expression is evaluated. This expression is functionally equivalent to each of the following expressions:

  • FILTER("Order Details", ([_THISROW] = [Order ID]))

  • SELECT(Order Details[Order Details ID], ([_THISROW] = [Order ID])).


REF_ROWS( from-dataset , ref-column )

  • from-dataset: Name of the table or slice (the data set) in which related rows are to be found.

  • ref-column: Name of a column in the data set named by from-dataset that contains Ref-type values.

Note that both arguments must be raw text values (quoted or unquoted) that identify an existing table or slice (from-dataset) and column (ref-column); they cannot be expressions.


If a column's app formula consists exclusively of a simple REF_ROWS() expression, a row added from the resulting list's inline view will automatically be populated with a reference back to the row of the REF_ROWS() expression, creating a child-parent relationship. The parent reference will be placed in the column named by the ref-column argument of the REF_ROWS() expression.

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