NUMBER(4.4) : 4 (rounded down) Equivalent to FLOOR(4.4) or ROUND(4.4)). See also: FLOOR(), ROUND()

NUMBER(4.5) : 4 (rounded DOWN!) Equivalent to FLOOR(4.5)).

NUMBER(4.6) : 5 (rounded up) Equivalent to CEILING(4.6) or ROUND(4.6)). See also: CEILING(), ROUND()

NUMBER(4.8) : 5 (rounded up)

NUMBER("4.2") gives 0. AppSheet recognizes quoted raw text values in certain formats as Date, DateTime, or Time values. In this example "4.2" is recognized as the date, April 2 (of the current year). A Date value has no Number equivalent, so 0 is returned. This (mis-)interpretation of the input only affects raw text values; an input from a column value or the result of another expression would not be so affected.

NUMBER("14.2") gives 14. Unlike the preceding example, the quoted raw text value of "14.2" does not correspond to a valid Date, DateTime, or Time value, allowing NUMBER() to work with the given text and to give the expected result.

NUMBER("Hello!") gives 0, as the input value in no way resembles a numeric value.

NUMBER("") gives a blank Number value.


NUMBER( any-value )


any-value (any)

Return Value

Number: The integer equivalent of any-value if a recognizable number, or 0 if not. If any-value is blank (e.g., ""), the result will be a blank Number value.

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