Constructs a deep link to a row with the key column value for a target view in an app (or the current app, if not specified).


LINKTOROW( row-key, view-name[, app-id] )

  • row-key: Expression that evaluates to the key column value of the row to which the link should point.

  • view-name: Expression that evaluates to the name of the target view.

  • app-id: (Optional) Expression that evaluates to the ID of the app containing the target view. Defaults to the current app.


AppSheet does not validate row-key, view-name, or app-id. If any of these are invalid (for example, misspelled or reference information that doesn't exist), no error will be displayed.

Each of row-key, view-name, and app-id may be of any type, are interpreted as Text values, and will be encoded (as with ENCODEURL()) for use in the deep link.

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