IF(TRUE, "Yes!", "No!") : Yes!

IF(FALSE, "Yes!", "No!") : No!

IF((1 > 0), "Yes!", "No!") : Yes!

IF((1 < 0), "Yes!", "No!") : No!

IF(ISBLANK(""), "Yes!", "No!") : Yes! See also: ISBLANK().

IF(NOT(ISBLANK("")), "Yes!", "No!") : No! Equivalent to IF(ISNOTBLANK(""), "Yes!", "No!"). See also: ISNOTBLANK(), NOT().

IF(([Count] < 0), 0, [Count]) : Returns 0 if the Count column value is less than zero, or the value itself if zero or greater. Equivalent to MIN(LIST(0, [Count])). See also: LIST(), MIN().

IF(([Date] = TODAY()), TRUE, FALSE) : Returns TRUE if the Date column value matches today's date; otherwise, returns FALSE. Equivalent to ([Date] = TODAY()). See also: TODAY().

IF(USERSETTINGS("Names in uppercase?"), UPPER([Name]), [Name]) : Returns the Name column in all uppercase letters if the value of the Names in uppercase? user setting is TRUE; otherwise, the Name column value is returned unchanged. See also: UPPER(), USERSETTINGS().

IF(ISNOTBLANK([Phone Number]), [Phone Number], "(no phone)") : If the Phone Number column value isn't blank, the column value itself is returned; otherwise, the text, (no phone), is returned.

IF(ISNOTBLANK([Customer].[Discount Rate]), ([Price] * [Customer].[Discount Rate]), [Price]) : If the customer has a discount, the discounted price is returned; otherwise, the original price is returned.

Leap Year?

        & YEAR(TODAY())
      + 1
    = 2
  "leap year",
  "not leap year"
  1. TODAY() gives today's date.

  2. YEAR(...) gives the year of the given date.

  3. "2/28/" & ... constructs a Text value in MM/DD/YYYY-format date for February 28 of this year.

  4. DATE(...) declares the constructed Text value a Date value.

  5. DATE(...) + 1 adds one day to the given date.

  6. MONTH(...) gives the month number of the computed date, 1 to 12, where 1 is January and 12 is December.

  7. ((...) = 2) asks whether the month number is 2 (February).

  8. IF(..., "leap year", "not leap year") gives leap year if the day after February 28 of this year is in February, or not leap year if not.

See also: DATE(), MONTH(), TODAY(), YEAR().

Weekday or Weekend?

    LIST(1, 7)
  "It's the weekend!",
  "It's a weekday."
  1. TODAY() gives today's date.

  2. WEEKDAY(...) gives the weekday number of the given date, 1 to 7, where 1 is Sunday and 7 is Saturday.

  3. LIST(1, 7) constructs a list of two numbers: 1 and 7.

  4. IN(..., ...) asks whether the computed weekday number is present in the constructed list.

  5. IF(..., "It's the weekend!", "It's a weekday.") gives It's the weekend! if the the weekday number is 1 or 7, or It's a weekday. otherwise.

See also: IN(), LIST(), TODAY(), WEEKDAY().


IF( is-true? , then-do-this , else-do-this )


  • is-true? (Yes/No): An expression that returns TRUE or FALSE.

  • then-do-this : An expression to be evaluated only if the is-true? expression evaluates as TRUE.

  • else-do-this : An expression to be evaluated only if the is-true? expression evaluates as FALSE.

Both then-do-this and else-do-this should produce results of comparable types (e.g., both textual, or both numeric). The results may both be single values or lists.

Return Value

If is-true? evaluates as TRUE, the result of evaluating then-do-this is returned; otherwise, the result of evaluating else-do-this is returned.

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