CONTAINS("abc", "a") : TRUE

CONTAINS("abc", "bc") : TRUE

CONTAINS("abc", "d") : FALSE

CONTAINS("I'm bored!", "Red")  : TRUE

CONTAINS([Address], "PO Box") answers the question: does the Address indicate a post office box?

CONTAINS([Email], "@") answers the question: does the Email contain at least one at sign (@)?

CONTAINS(".?!", LEFT([Sentence], 1)) answers the question: is the left-most character of the value of the Sentence (LEFT([Sentence], 1)) a period (.), question mark (?), or exclamation mark (!) (".?!")? Equivalent to IN(LEFT([Sentence], 1), {".", "?", "!"}). See also: LEFT(), IN().


CONTAINS( haystack , needle )


haystack (any) : The text value in which the text fragment (needle) is to be sought.

needle (any) : The text fragment to find in search value (haystack).

Return Value

Yes/No : TRUE if the fragment (needle) is found in the search value (haystack). Note that the search is case-insensitive: upper- and lower-case letters are equivalent.

See Also

FIND(), IN()

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