If you have a Firebase account already, you can begin setting up push notifications for your white label iOS app.

If you don't have a Firebase account yet, you can set one up.

Note that this process is a lot more involved than the Android version, but the end result is exactly the same as in Android white label apps.

First, navigate to the settings tab of your Firebase project and click the "Add app" button.

Select iOS as the platform.

Paste in the iOS bundle ID you used when creating your white label app without push notifications.

Download and save the GoogleService-Info.plist file--you'll need it in a later step.

Skip through the next few steps of this form.

Now, modify the properties of your app on the apple developer side. Select and edit the application ID you're using for your white label app.

Enable the push notifications capability by checking the checkbox next to Push Notifications, and create your push certificates. Make sure you generate both the development and distribution certificates.

To create a certificate, create a certificate signing request (CSR).

This can be done using the Keychain Access tool on your OSX device.

Make sure to click "Saved to Disk" rather than emailed to the CA in the certificate assistant wizard.

Upload the .CSR file that you created.

Download and install the newly-created certificate by clicking on it once it's downloaded.

Export the certificate-key pair as a .p12 file by right-clicking the certificate (make sure it contains the key in the dropdown menu, as shown below).

Upload the newly-created development and production certificates to Firebase.

Upload the corresponding files, and plug in the password you used when exporting the .p12 files. This is the last configuration step you'll need to do in your Firebase account in order to enable push notifications in your white label app.

In the white label creation menu, upload the GoogleService-Info.plist file, as well as the Firebase API key, both of which you obtained earlier on in this tutorial.

Now your iOS white label app will be able to receive push notifications from AppSheet! Make sure to test it by sending a quick test notification through the Editor.

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