Your "team" is the group of AppSheet users who are all from your organization.

AppSheet makes it easy to discover and collaborate with members of your team as you work with your apps.

Where can I find my team?

If your AppSheet account is from an organization (eg: and not a public domain (eg:, you will automatically be eligible to be part of a team of users from your organization.

When you are signed into the AppSheet website, you will see a link to the "My Team" tab in the header bar. Click on it to go to the "My Team" page.

What can I do along with my team?

The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is to join the team (click on the "Join" button to do this). This makes your contact details visible to other members of the team. Joining the team also enables the most important team function: communicating with your team members.

Some other common functionalities that you may find useful:

  1. You can invite other team members to be co-authors of your app. 

  2. You can make an app public to all members of your team so that they can run the app

  3. You can share the app's definition as a sample for your team so that others in the team can benefit from your experience and app design skills.

  4. You can look at and copy team samples shared by other members of the team.

  5. If the team is managed centrally (usually by an IT group at an organization), there are other benefits and functionality like shared data sources, common policies, and centralized billing.

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