There are four tabs of the Info pane that can help you build your app: Dashboard, Properties, Errors, and Spec.


In the Dashboard tab, you can edit the logo, name, and description of your app. You can also view the performance profile here, which displays app sync time. If you’re on a Business Plan, you can also view recent user activity and real-time analytics here.


Properties provide information about the app that you can edit; for example, the name of the app, version number, description, category, and function. Filling out these properties helps your team, users, and other stakeholders understand what your app is for.


In the Errors section, you can see what errors and warnings are present in your app. The text should provide some explanation for the type of error a suggestion for how to resolve the issue. If you have difficulties fixing your errors and warnings, there are several troubleshooting strategies you can try. You can also talk to the AppSheet team and other app creators on the AppSheet Community page.


In the Spec tab, you can see how your app works "under the hood'. While there isn't a whole lot to do except moving the shapes around, it's pretty cool to see how the different parts and functions of your app are related. Also, Spec can create apps for you.

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