AppSheet supports iOS version 11.0 or higher. Earlier versions of iOS can cause subtle bugs or performance problems. 

If you have an iOS version between 8 and 11, have previously downloaded AppSheet, and need to re-download it, AppSheet will still work on your device and you can reinstall it by visiting your 'Purchased' view in the App Store.


AppSheet is available but not supported on Android version 4.4.4, and supported on Android version 5 and higher. We recommend Android version 6.0 or higher for best performance. Earlier versions of Android can cause subtle bugs or performance problems.

The memory required depends on:

  • The amount of data downloaded to the device. This depends on the number of tables and the number of rows and columns in each table.

  • The complexity of the app. This depends on the number of tables, views, expressions, etc.

  • The device features used by the app. The camera and scanner add significantly to the RAM required. The higher the camera image resolution, the more memory required.

If you are purchasing an Android device for use with AppSheet, we recommend choosing Android 6.0 or greater with at least 2GB of RAM. More memory may be required depending on the number and resolution of photos you capture. We recommend testing your app thoroughly on the device before committing to it. Android performance can vary significantly between devices with seemingly similar specs.

Mobile or desktop browser

While we primarily focus on mobile devices, AppSheet apps also run in a web browser, often within an iframe. In fact, on unsupported mobile platforms like Windows Phone, we recommend running within a browser.

We recommend using a modern browser. AppSheet works best on Chrome.

AppSheet does not work on Internet Explorer.

Most functionality is supported in a browser, except:

  • Bar code scanning

  • Offline image and document caching

  • Offline app launch 

  • Push notifications

The link to run the app in a browser is available in the app editor:

To run the app within an iframe, read this article.

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