You can allow another AppSheet user to copy your app. You will retain control of your app, but the other user can make a copy of it.

When the other user copies your app they will receive a copy of all of your application and all of its data. Before allowing another user to copy your application, make absolutely certain that you are willing to share both you application and all of its data with the recipient. This includes:

  1. Your app definition.

  2. All application data in your worksheets.

  3. All image and file data captured by your application.

  4. Your workflow templates.

Before allowing another AppSheet user to copy your application, you may wish to make a "sanitized" copy of your application that only contains sample data that is safe to share publicly. Then only allow the other user to copy the "sanitized" copy.

You can allow another AppSheet user to copy your app as follows:

  1. Open the application to be copied in the Editor.

  2. Go to the Users pane.

  3. Under SHAREYOURAPP enter the other user's email address.

  4. Click "Add Users ..." which will add the other user to the APPROVED USERS LIST.

  5. Find the other user in the APPROVED USERS LIST and select "Can view definition" from the drop down.

  6. The other user will now see this app under the Shared Apps tab on the other user's My Apps page.

  7. The other user can now click the down arrow next to the application and select "Copy". This copies the application, the application date, and everything associated with the application to the other user's account.

  8. Once the other user has completed the copy, you may wish to remove the other user's email address from APPROVED USERS LIST or to change the user's permissions from "Can view definition" to "Normal user" in the drop down.

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