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Displaying Images in Templates

Image and Thumbnail columns included in the template are displayed as images. For example, if your Image column is called "Photo", you could include that image as follows:

Name: <<[Name]>>
Photo: <<[Photo]>>
Address: <<[]Home Address]>>

Controlling Template Image Sizes

By default, the displayed image size depends on the column type:

  • Thumbnail column: 200 x 200
  • Image column: 600 x 600

You can control the displayed image size by creating a format rule in the UX > Format Rules tab of the app editor. To create a format rule:

  1. Choose the table containing the thumbnail or image.
  2. Pick the column or columns containing your thumbnails or images.
  3. Optionally specify a condition.
  4. Choose one of the following image sizes: Tiny (50 x 50), Small (200 x 200), Medium (600 x 600), or Large (1000 x 1000).

Hyperlink to an Image

You can use a hyperlink expression to construct a hyperlink to an image.

For example:

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