Oftentimes, app creators would like to share app authoring with other team members. With team collaboration, app creators may enable app view or edit rights for other team members. The app creator remains the app owner and may grant or remove access rights for others. View App Collaborators may view the app definition and the supporting spreadsheets, while Edit App Collaborators may edit the app definition and the supporting spreadsheets.

Please be aware that it is wise to have only one user edit an app at any point in time. If two users are editing the same app at the same time, attempts to save conflicting edits will fail. App Editors are not notified if there is another editor changing the app.

1. Click on Share, enter the email addresses of your collaborators, click More Settings, and turn on Add as co-authors. Then click Add Users + Send Invite to confirm them as co-authors.

2. Once added, you may choose to either allow your collaborators to edit or view the app definition. The default selection is "Can Edit Definition."

Note: Collaboration rights apps will be displayed in the My Apps section, but are currently indistinguishable from owned apps. In addition, neither the app owner's name nor the specific right (view or edit) is displayed.

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